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Be Me© 2019

Ursula Hegge, Paul Gallagher, Padraig Doherty

I think my smile's changed

I see it day to day 

It's quite the magic trick

To change a person's face 

There's something in the mirror

That isn't usually here

Why Do You Cry?© Paul Gallagher 2022


Yeah, it’s tough

It won’t last forever

Let’s take a breath

You’re more than enough


Why do you cry, babe…

Whispers inside the head…

Are clouds rolling by..  

You answer only to you

Deep down you know

Big Soul / Wooden Echoes (Amy)©

(SOCAN ISWC 215764337)
(Paul Gallagher, Dory Balter 2012, 2021)

Dreams, of Adoration
Oceans, of Applause

Cutting her puppet strings
Wooden Echoes
As she falls

Break in Case of Emergency© Paul Gallagher 2020 (rv 2021)

Sunny days, Breezy ways
Picket fences, Big spenders
No One, Watching
One hand, Applauding
No one hears, Nature crying
Fossil fuels, Fossil fools
Frogs swimming, Water warm
Early warning, Wet alarm
Break in case of Emergency
Blues for Today

Feeling Good Is Feeling Love© Paul Gallagher 2020
Lush sheets of confetti
Niagara Falls from the sky
Snow encrypting Easy Street
Now we’re magnetized

Pretty Much© Paul Gallagher, 2018

Jumped out of the car
Had enough
Jumped out of that car
Had enough
Crazy making
Had enough

Prince of Taxis© Paul Gallagher, Dyniss Rainer, Julie Goldstein, 2009

The royal wine was bitter sweet 

It’s power would not let me sleep 

I knew it was mine
I left behind
The indigo seat

A thousand golden chains to bind
A thousand hands outstretched entwine 

I knew it was mine
I left behind
The indigo seat

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