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You are a songwriter. 

Naturally, being creative, you are a seeker.  Perhaps you are doing fairly well and now you want a little extra. Perhaps you have experienced co-writing and perhaps not. 

You may know some of the advantages of co-writing:

  • Get out of the comfort zone. Writing with another is similar to going to an open mic. It could be an adventure.

  • Experiment with new styles. Expand beyond the usual. I notice that writing a song with others combines our usual styles and together, the result could be a different style.

  • Naturally highlight strengths and allow the weak points to become better because of co-writing.

  • Surprise and delight; finish the song faster - two heads better than one -  go beyond what was expected. Wow! Did we just write that?

  • Inspire yourself and inspire others.


You are aware that when we write a song it's a process. Some days are amazing with diamonds and others are panning for the gold nuggets; a lot of sifting through sand with the tiniest of shiny showing up.


I’m a creative catalyst and I bring song writing tools:

  • spontaneity

  • tenacious exploring and curiosity 

  • encouragement 

  • listening 

  • thoughtfulness

  • education and experience


Let's look at the elements to analyze how well we communicated our idea. Communication of our idea is what it’s all about, whether it is specific or just a feeling. All depends on what we want to do.

I am Paul Gallagher: I write 3 minute movies. I'm a word and phrase juggler, prose, poetry and writing lyrics, innovative thinker and all ‘round creative. I’m bringing unrelated ideas together to make new ideas in writing a song. 

The art and craft of songwriting and creativity, in general, is a perpetual passion. Let me pass on what I've learned. Let's exchange ideas and propel that creativity forward!

I offer creative inspiration through motivational collaboration in songwriting and idea generation. I've collected a lot of songwriter tools and we can share what we've learned.

My craft of songwriting is at a colourful edge with distinctive tone, texture and character. I make effort to ensure all the elements work together to create a mental image and hopefully a feeling in your heart.

My emphasis is on authentic songs that reflect the story to be told in a form that will be easily heard and enjoyed. 

Member of SOCAN (the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) and SAC (Songwriters Association of Canada).

One commentator said, “Story telling in a T Bone Burnett / Steely Dan sort of way.”

Prince of Taxis

Co-wrote with two others and collaborated  / produced the video.

It's based on a story I heard about a real prince, living in Toronto, who loved to drive taxi more than going back home to be head of his royal family.

Wow....that's amazing! Your work is so inventive and rich with detail. Make more! :)

That's amazing. I love the different scenes that went with the different vehicles and characters.

Just watched the video and heard your song!!!

Loved it! Well done! Looking forward to the next

Wow is right...well done, brilliant work. Great song and the animation is just fabulous...great achievement.

It's a sweet song and beautiful video - thanks for sharing! Kudos and congrats to you all!

Gave me an extra happy feeling for the day!

I Love this!! I have no idea what it means, but the delving into the imagination is so palpable.

....this is beautiful. I loved your voice and the song, and the animation was great! Excellent job my friend!

Thank you for sharing this masterpiece.............. Bravo.

D. Balter

Hahaha that song is awesome (jumped out of that car) :) Good job!!!

M. D. Vindette

 Pretty Much is inspired by trad blues form and Jeff Beck. Keeping the idea as simple as possible. I added comments through the lyric video just for fun.

Pretty awesome! Loved the images! And the second dialogue stream on the screen that is in conversation with song lyrics. Your singing voice sounds like you, but not if you know what I mean. It has a beat poet kind of sensibility. Lou Reedish.

P. Mace

Paul...really enjoyed the end...loved the side comments to the got a new subscriber 

D. McLachlan

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