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| Work With Me

  • Bust through writer's block.

  • Expand beyond the comfort zone.

  • Realize a different point of view, expand ideas, new skills.


  • Discover words and phrases and ways of saying / expressing things in a new way.

  • Experiment with new styles.

  • Put song writing / music theory into practice or put it aside for something totally different.

  • Collaborating will produce clear and focused ideas.

  • Highlight your strengths and strengthen the weak points.

  • Great way to finish a song much faster – two heads are better that one!

  • Dopamine high from the delightful accomplishment of a new song!

  • Once you’ve inspired yourself, you will inspire others!

Look at my blog for writing samples.

Listen to some of my music.

Some are instrumental as background for spoken word presentations. 

You can get an idea of the range.

I'm not famous, I don't have any awards and I have not released any CDs. I have experience in working collaboratively, formally studied songwriting, write well and can inspire others.

More than instruct, I tend to inspire by asking questions and throwing in ideas. You already have what you want to say; we'll work on you saying it the best way in the song form you choose.

How it works - If you want to work with me, there are two ways:

  1. Writer for hire - you pay me and keep all the credit.

  2. Co-write Session at no cost - we agree that we split the song writing credit 50/50 and the co-writing session is free.

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