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I believe in opening the brain and heart for ideas. You can't find gold or diamonds without a lot of digging and scrapping through sludge. Many times the writing will be crap.

That is OK! What did we learn?

Isn’t it the greatest feeling when a song works and you can say, "Did I do that?" Or even better: "I did that!!!"


Feel the exhilaration of overcoming obstacles in the process; that creative energy can be transposed to day to day problem solving. Win-win all around!​​

  • Let's be brave and vulnerable. Let's show up even if it is a bit of a grind. Pearls start with a grain of sand.

  • Let's be curious and open to the the craziest ideas - they will lead to brilliance.

  • How about serving the song? Keeping the story straight and not too complex. Only a few seconds to hook people in, keep them interested, and get the idea across as well as create an emotional response.  Whew! All that?

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